Steel-X believes in working upon increasing the awareness of all parties involved in PEB business.

What is the difference between conventional and PEB construction?

pre-engineering, conventional steel- building

PEB building is 30% lighter in self-weight, contains light weight roll formed secondary members, offers higher resistance to seismic forces, will be delivered within average 6 to 8 weeks & has 30% lower overall price. Conventional steel building is heavier, contains heavy hot rolled secondary members, do not perform well in seismic zones, will take average 20 to 26 weeks & has higher price per square meter.

Do you provide a complete building package? What about mezannine flooring?

We can supply the complete steel building including standard accessories. Accessories that are not manufactured by Steel-X can be supplied as special buy outs (Roll-up doors, double sliding doors, ventilators, louvers, skylights etc.) and can be included in Steel-X’s scope of supply. For mezzanine floors, our supply normally includes support columns, primary beams, secondary joists and galvanized steel deck that supports a reinforced concrete slab (slab by others).

How do I get a quote from Steel-X?

The inquiry should be sent to our sales office in your region or directly to our head office in UAE. We will design and price each project based on your requirements and specifications. We will submit a proposal offer along with 2D drawings and 3D images. It will cover detailed scope of supply, price, delivery and payment terms.

Do I have liberty to choose design and color of building?

Yes, building can be designed as per your requirements. We can present various designs after discussion with you to select one of them as per your requirement. You will be able to choose colors from panel of available colors.

Do you provide design calculations?

Yes, Steel-X will provide design calculations for the building, after signing the contract, for approval by consultant / client.

Will you provide design details before supplying/erecting your structure?

Yes, Steel-X will submit detailed design calculations and drawings to client for approval prior to fabrication of the building. All comments received from client on the approval drawings are incorporated by us in the final erection drawings and in fabrication.

How do you control temperature inside the building?

Steel-X will provide insulation at roof and wall to achieve the required temperature value.

Can you provide buildings without interior columns?

Yes, Steel-X provides clear span frames for structures such as airplane hangars, etc. where large column free area is necessary.